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values of the reconstructionist movement

Reconstructionist Judaism is a progressive contemporary approach to Jewish life. Visit the Reconstructionist Federation's website for specific questions about interfaith mariages, GLBT inclusion, women's roles, kashrut, Halakah/Jewish Law, conversion, sacred texts, etc.

tikkun olam

Our diverse communities emphasize acts of social justice alongside prayer and study as an essential part of their spiritual practice. Reconstructionist Judaism affirms that religion can and must be a powerful force for promoting communal discussion about ethics and values. The Torah tradition itself is a deep and wide resource for this project. Yet we know that generations of Jews have sharpened and distilled the ethical insights of Judaism as a result of the encounter with other cultures and traditions, and so it is our time.

Tikkun olam at Congregation Ner Shalom - programs our congregation is involved in to better our community and our world.


Reconstructionists hold diverse ideas about God, but we share an emphasis on Godliness -- those hopes, beliefs, and values within us that impel us to work for a better world, that give us strength and solace in times of need, that challenge us to grow, and that deepen our joy in moments of celebration.

gender-neutral language

Reconstructionist prayerbooks speak of God beyond the gender concepts of male or female, and beyond the traditional metaphors of "king of the universe." God is addressed as, among other things, "the Healer," "The Teacher," "The Comforter," and "The Presence." We are engaged in the spiritual adventure of discovering the many attributes of God.


We are deeply respectful of traditional Jewish observances, but also open to new interpretations and forms of religious expression. Reconstructionists find joy, wisdom and identity in Jewish teachings. But we do not feel compelled to follow traditions that are no longer meaningful or appropriate. As Rabbi Mordecai M. Kaplan, the founder of Reconstructionsism, taught, tradition has "a vote, but not a veto." Reconstructionism retains a warmly traditional (and fully egalitarian) approach to Jewish religious practice

For more information about the Reconstructionist movement, please visit the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation's website and it's West Coast page, and the websites of our sister Reconstructionist havurot and congregations.


Congregation Ner Shalom
A Reconstructionist Synagogue
of Sonoma & Marin Counties

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